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Globally operating medium-sized company presents itself

Visitors from China and India as virtual guests in the production hall

A mix of 360° photospheres and modeled VR environment.

Factory tour and trade fair showroom in one

The virtual BOMAFA showroom is located in the middle of the production hall and shows the entire valve portfolio in 3D. What was not easily possible before can now be realized. Guests of the company log in via browser and activate their camera image and sound. Then the conversation begins in the BOMAFA production environment.

  • VR showroom for international delegations
  • Brand ambience for sales or after sales
  • 360° photosphere as photorealistic environment
  • 3D product presentation based on design data

VR brands space for sales and after sales

In contrast to the two-dimensionality of Zoom & Co, guests now start out in the virtual BOMAFA brand space, can move around and talk to each other. Here, the internationally active company presents its own products. Together with customers from Inden or China, sales managers immerse themselves in the products, configure variations and discuss details. A completely new way of conducting a customer conversation.

How did the project come about?

In the crisis year of 2020, BOMAFA had to completely rethink its sales activities in a very short time and quickly came to video conferencing, which fortunately became established around the globe. With the new tools, things had definitely improved: faster appointment options, more focused meetings and, of course, enormous time gains. The travel budget was reduced to 5%. However, the personal proximity that is so important for customers was lost.

The question was: how could BOMAFA show that it had appropriate manufacturing capabilities, how could it demonstrate the range of services, how could it differentiate itself when everything is now only in a neutral zoom environment?

As part of his personal involvement with the IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet, Friedrich Appelberg met COMKOM. With the innovative approach of the Bochum digital agency and the funding commitment of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia via the MID voucher, the virtual BOMAFA showroom was developed in the following months.

From then on, contact persons from India, Asia and South America were shown the production capacities and the product advantages in a BOMAFA room.

Product show and vertical integration

What is behind a company, how big is it really, what capacities are used for on-site production? It's not easy to get an overall picture. Can 3D worlds help to close this imagination gap and at least partially replace a visit? The virtual showroom is embedded in photographic 360° roundshots of the production hall. The 3D modeled showroom is now virtually in the middle of the production. BOMAFA thus has its own booth in the production halls, can show the product range, demonstrate production capacities and present individual contract work.


Today, we're traveling more again, but we won't give up this toolkit and we're actively incorporating it into our sales pitch.

Friedrich Appelberg CEO BOMAFA Machine Factory


Thanks to funding from Mittelstand.Innovativ NRW, the project could be realized.