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Virtual offices and showrooms

Between remote and back to office measures. Brand worlds without limits - free design, spatial sound, staging on all scales - all this is feasible.

With more home offices, it is more difficult to maintain or even build corporate cultures. However, decentralized working will prevail in the long term. So it's worth establishing alternative formats that allow informal conversations and offer space for brands and production. And that remotely, too.

Corporate Architecture - extended

What does the virtual space look like that suits the company or organization, that can convey mood and even values - that people like to spend time in, that they invite people to without hesitation?

This is an exciting question that has often been answered for the analogue, for example in the construction of new company headquarters or in stand design at trade fairs. If you want to transfer corporate architecture into the virtual world, those responsible have a lot of freedom.

How much brand is in the rooms, what color accents are set? Some choose the digital twin, the 1:1 adaptation of the fully planned office space. Others want to create a feel-good atmosphere and a summery ambience.

The virtual scenery should be planned for the long term. The virtual home is available as an extended office, so to speak. It can be used for individual tours, as a common inspiration space or for small events. Always reconfigurable and as you need it at the moment.

Sales: Showroom with factory tour remote

Plant tours are particularly helpful in medium-sized manufacturing companies when it comes to illustrating not only products, but also processes and performance capacities.

The finished products are shown in the product showroom. 3D models can be extracted from the design data and shown to customers in a secured form. 3D scans of the products are now also conceivable. On the web, this is highlight content that can be used sensibly in the sales funnel.

The showroom is virtually in the middle of the photosphere of the production hall. This is captured with 360° panoramic photos and serves as a VR environment. In this way, Salesforce can clearly show national and international visitors how the company is actually positioned.