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We answer the frequently asked questions about tuijo here.  Please contact us if your question is not answered yet.



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A social VR platform is a virtual environment that allows users to interact and communicate in real time in a shared virtual world. It combines virtual reality (VR) with social elements to create an immersive and interactive experience.

tuijo is one such social VR platform. In contrast to almost all other platforms, however, tuijo does not require VR headsets and therefore does not require an avatar. With tujio, we use our own moving camera image to talk to each other. We add space to this and thus open up a large, infinitely wide world of possibilities.

The feature list at tuijo is long and is constantly being expanded. We have compiled an overview of the most important features.

tuijo delivers virtual interaction rooms based on web technology. All that is needed to participate is a desktop computer with a stable Internet connection, a camera and a microphone.

Participation via a tablet is also possible. However, this should be connected to a keyboard in order to be able to use all functions of the tuijo rooms.

To avoid echoes, it is recommended to participate with headphones. tuijo is optimized for popular browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge in their current versions.

A wide variety of social activities can take place in tuijoverse. These can be workshops, panel discussions, working in small or larger groups, solving joint puzzles cooperatively or competitively, chatting, break-out sessions or informal conversations - just like in meetings in analog spaces.

If you want to retreat to a conversation, you navigate a little further away. This will make your voice quieter for others and only those who stay close to you will be able to hear you.

In accordance with legal requirements, we paid attention to how best to protect personal data, for example, when designing the software and hardware.

We therefore manage the data separately for each application and follow the principle of data minimization. The exact scope of protection is described in the privacy statements of the respective application. The use of each tuijo project requires the consent to the terms and conditions of the respective content provider.

Interaction with friends or colleagues is a key advantage in the virtual tuijoverse. Especially when sharing the virtual rooms, the fun begins. tuijo is a multi-user 3D world.

Depending on the project, registered users can open multiple sessions, configure them to their own needs and invite guests to these sessions. Those who invite to a session have more rights as moderators than simple guests.

No, there are no avatars at all. We are convinced that the interaction between us humans with our own camera image has very central advantages. Since tuijo is web-based and does not require VR glasses, the faces of the participants are not covered. So there is no need to be represented by an artificial being.

The basic version is suitable for up to 25 simultaneous participants. The bottleneck is not so much on the server side, but rather on the side of the users and the limitations of their hardware and their access to the Internet.

In order to be able to deliver tuijo in a high-performance manner, a special server infrastructure was set up to ensure that the application can be used in a high-performance, stable, secure and legally compliant manner. tuijo is delivered as SaaS.

The server infrastructure is located in Germany or within the EU. Accordingly, the data is managed securely in accordance with EU law.

The application is web-based and does not require any additional programs to be downloaded.

However, powerful end devices are advisable. Real-time rendering requires RAM. Data processing of at least 25 fps (frames per second) is helpful for good performance. A data line with at least 25 Mbit/s is required.

Yes, tujio is a tailor-made platform and offers a wide range of customizing options. A basic setup is provided for customers and commissioning organizations. This means that the customer project has its own subdomain and an independently secured server setup. Depending on the order, individual rooms or scenarios are developed.

Once the project is set up, there are several options for branding the tool. This starts with the corporate 3D environment, which can be set up on a project-specific basis, and continues with individual branding settings that are available for editors-in-chief.

Presenters can design and configure their own sessions and save them as templates.

We work with a server construct in which public and non-public servers are in exchange with each other. A separate AD is created for each client to protect personal user data. Assets are in turn protected on separate servers and according to security standards.

tuijo is a product of COMKOM GmbH from Bochum and was developed with a team of developers from Germany and Spain within the EU. The hosting is also done completely in Germany.

tuijo is a platform where new virtual 3D worlds can be created to visit together and to interact in. Wherever the spatial offers communicative added value, impressive worlds of experience with a lasting effect can be created.

Rooms can be helpful when, for example, experts speak to lay people and explain more complex relationships.

Walk-through 3D models can help to make phenomena, thinking or learning models more comprehensible. Products in 3D can be staged in a way that is relevant to the brand.

tuijo offers a great set of features and fantastic possibilities to enter the world of 3D staging.

tuijo is a web application and can therefore be excellently integrated as highlight content in the marketing-sales-funnel. The virtual conversation in tuijo can be used to turn unknown visitors into known visitors and convert them into leads. Visitors enter their name and e-mail address and confirm the privacy policy in order to enter the virtual world.

Yes, there are numerous features that can be used to perform group work. A quick overview is provided by the list of features, which is also continuously expanded.

The visitors of tujio move individually in a virtual space and interact with individual 3D objects that can align themselves according to them. Personalization of content is therefore possible.

Since no avatars are required in tuijo, personalization is not necessary. All participants take part with their personal camera image.

tuijo offers companies and organizations the opportunity to create their own 3D world and invite their users to visit it. Users therefore register with the respective organization's own application. They do not register with tuijo in general.

Users can also participate as guests. This requires an invitation in the form of an invitation link. The data protection consent is then only given once for the respective session and the rights are more limited.

Feel free to contact us if you want to try it directly.