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Smart Cities and Participation

Everywhere, dedicated minds are thinking about the cities of the future in which we want to live. Cities should become smarter. Ideas are being negotiated, information and participation are wanted. In tuijo, drafts, concepts and initial 3D visualizations can be viewed, discussed and commented on 24/7.

Unboxing participation formats

Container boxes used to stand in front of large municipal construction sites. Anyone interested in the new building climbed up the few steps and caught a glimpse over the construction fence. Additional information was prepared in the container: this is how it will look one day!

Today, cities are transforming themselves into smart cities. It is no longer just real estate and infrastructure that are to become smarter. Rather, all areas of life are on the agenda, requiring participation, activities by citizens, their ideas and their opinions. How do we want to live in our city?

Information boxes now provide a virtual view over the construction fence. They can be visited around the clock, alone or with friends, or accompanied by experts at certain times.

3D models are accessible and citizens learn in good time how the individual plans fit into the overall concept. This is an exchange format that one can only wish for on the way to a citizen-involved city.

Use of space even before the start of construction

Especially for buildings with a public character, it even makes sense to use the virtual twins of the rooms well in advance.

During the planning phase, the planning data for the room is already available and can be used in tuijo. However, the construction itself may take another 2 years.

Isn't this a wonderful time to hold the first events in these future spaces? In this way, future users can already get used to the building and anticipate work on the content.

In this way, citizens are not only involved early enough, but also in the long term in the new offerings of the city library or house of knowledge.