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Retain employees and attract new ones

When it comes to important cross-sectional and innovation topics, it is worthwhile to look for potentials and idea generators within one's own ranks.

Appreciative communication and exchange opportunities are at the top of the agenda. But how can this succeed when physical presence is no longer guaranteed? Online-only courses are quickly perceived as compulsory; community experience and genuine dialog are not even considered there.

Investing in employees

In order for an organization to benefit from the committed participation of team colleagues, employees must be won over again and again. The more individuals know what projects or far-reaching initiatives are about, the more likely they are to get involved.

Standard information that employees should have heard at least once can be covered well with online video tutorials.  But when it comes to new and relevant topics that require real identification, it's a joint process. Then exchange and dialog are indispensable.

The challenge is to create awareness

Often it fails already at the perception. There is too little time and usually no space for central cross-cutting issues in organizations. The biggest topics are sustainability, fairness, responsibility and security. But even innovative project teams know the problems of placing their topic with colleagues.

How for example do you manage to replace superficial measures with label "green washing" with initiatives that are fundamentally preceded by the idea of sustainability?

Or IT security: The biggest security gaps are caused by careless users. How do you create awareness for cyber security? A topic that non-IT people like to ignore with a shrug of the shoulders.

Create virtual thematic spaces that emphasize the importance of highlight topics. These can be approached in a playful way, alone or together, in the best case also moderated by expert colleagues.

Internal virtual expo

Imagine an expo area in VR, a living themed world where exciting thoughts are presented in pavilions and can be visited. This time, however, not as an international performance show, but as an internal world of inspiration that can grow continuously.

Innovation and its importance are made tangible through practical examples, interaction and participation are in the foreground. The rooms have different functions, are learning station, podium or interactive workroom, where the results of the last session remain.

The goal is clear. It is about synchronizing relevant fields of thought with the mindset of the team colleagues. Examples with relevance to reality are presented in a striking manner: what does the organization strive for, what is permitted, and what should be negotiated? Bringing employees along is often the name of the game. However, inviting employees and letting them lead the way is more promising.

In a tuijo landscape, both are possible: immersive communication plus the all-important dialog. Then people meet for a chat in the virtual coffee lounge outside by the lake - or in the virtual pub, whichever suits them best.

Digital onboarding

Onboarding new employees is also a success at tuijoverse. In addition to a quick understanding of the company, it's about community experiences that inspire employees and help them get to know their colleagues better.

In a staged VR space, these experiences can be mapped multi-dimensionally and can be visited permanently. New members of the team thus experience specific organizational knowledge and get a feel for the brand identity.