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ELIZA | The Art of Female Digitality

Real VR spaces: digital innovation hotspots for free communities.

ELIZA is digital humus for explorative

More visibility and exchange are overdue. ELIZA strengthens the perspective of the female in digitality and digitalization. The network wants to develop its own 3D world, a "virtual creative quarter", in order to cultivate it permanently together with users.

  • Spaces for the open digital conversation
  • Experimental spaces for new artistic expression and language
  • Phone 3.0

We need more femininity on the web

ELIZA builds on two key messages:

1. communication tools and online content are too male-oriented. There needs to be more room for femininity!

2. the virtual world is about conversations. Zoom and Co lack the 3rd dimension. The so important intermediate tones are lost. We want spatiality, but not with avatars, but with us: telephoning 3.0, so to speak.

Web-based virtual creative quarters

Call them metaverse or much more tangibly "web-based virtual creative quarters"! Virtual spaces bring a lot of new things for which we have to learn again. Each and every individual and we as a society. If we don't pay attention, male dominance will emerge again, at all levels. Just as in medicine the male body was measured to depict the human being, so now again 80% of all Internet content is created and/or consumed by men - this also shapes virtual landscapes.

ELIZA assumes that discrimination against women takes place unconsciously. Their concerns and their constitution are ignored, because they lack space. The view of the whole of life, with the need for empathy, beauty and sublimity are in danger of being lost. Femininity is once again pushed into the background.

Digital action and protection space

ELIZA's offer is equally open, designed as a platform and meant as a call to action. Perfect, beautiful, good and true. For women and women's groups who want to expand their communication, move their issues and operate visibly. ELIZA is also a shelter on the Internet for the freedom of movement of women and people who share the self-image of ELIZA.

ELIZA gives new space to the digital creative potential of the female. For co-laboratives, for processuals in projects and ventures. We show these spaces, the ideas and the networks that have already been found.

ELIZA is a digital cultural space

ELIZA finds networks, invents them and grows them. ELIZA invites existing women's networks to personalize and extend their internet-based video communication to 'phone 3.0'. We need the digital conversation.

Formats are being tested in the digital realm: Auditoriums, archives, NeoGalleries, studios, training workshops, beauty salons, project turnarounds, afterwork online parties. Formats to keep powerful resources digitally in motion and collectively inclusive and globally accessible. An open design approach, a playful environment.

I've been waiting a long time for exactly this expansion on the web. Finally, we can freely design the space we enter daily and virtually. For me as a media artist, this is an enormous step in a very exciting direction. I wish that we all have the chance to negotiate our future there.

Ruth Bamberg Media Artist