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Graffiti in Barcelona

Where does the name tuijo come from?

I was asked that the other day after a presentation in front of a larger audience. "The answer is simple." I started and thought to myself: doesn't the name explain itself? No, it obviously doesn't, at least not if you don't speak Catalan.

Catalan? Why Catalan now? Well, there "tu" means you, "i" stands for and, and "jo" is me. You and I, tu - i - jo!

"The name fits what we want to achieve," I explain further. "It's about social VR, about you and me finding ways to share and interact together even in VR. It's about you and me as people with our own faces and without avatars in an immersive 3D world. We want to look each other in the eye."

And in Barcelona, people speak Catalan. It's a small thank you to the development team. Because large parts of the code were created in Barcelona.

Moreover, the domain was free.