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"EVENT" - loosely based on John Clancy

First digital art performance in tuijo

When roles merge

In the pandemic, theater was relegated to the two-dimensionality of Zoom and YouTube. The formats often remained stiff and unapproachable. With the performance "Event" Ruth Bamberg now surprises with a new format. The "emcee", the "actor", the "audience" and the "director" meet in tuijo for an immersive event. Let it happen!

Event dates expected in fall 2023.

  • First digital theater performance in tuijo VR.
  • One-person play plus audience!
  • 3D without VR glasses and without avatar


A man stands, doused in light, in front of a hall full of suddenly silent strangers.

Stop me if this sounds familiar.


They're watching him, waiting to see what he'll say next. Seriously. Interrupt me.


All right. You had your chance.

Monologue based on John Clancy "The Event"

It's an exciting experiment. Just as theater often becomes an experiment, or are we talking about performance? Theatrical performance, perhaps? Or is it an event, one not further specified? "The Event" in English, even the translation doesn't find its own word. So what are we doing? Do we even need to define it? Yes, we must, otherwise we will not be found and, even worse, not visited. But the "audience" has a role, an essential one even. Without the audience, the "actor" remains in the rehearsal loop, completely without dialogue. And then what is the "emcee" to do if he has no one to greet?

It does not work without movement

What we want to discuss is new, for everyone. The live performance of the Clancy Monologue begins with the appearance of the "actor" on a virtual podium in a huge factory hall. The stage is virtual, but his stage is somewhere, live streaming and canned mix, dialogue and distance as well.

Participation remains random and only inspires if the audience plays along. But that is not certain. Can it be moved? It has to be in the room, otherwise you stand still and miss something new, the dialogue, for example. Movement is important! But does one move at home and in front of the computer? Realities blur, and yet the guests remain and show themselves without the veiling costume of an avatar. Or do they too - just like the "actor" - only play a role?

Departure is an unseen format

We are excited. So much is different, has to be learned completely new. Pre-produced video streams that merge with live streams to create a performance. The audience also plays a role here, as they navigate the scene and become the stage set for the others. Visually, acoustically, communicatively.

The scenic VR landscape, the choreography of the "Conférencier" and the staged monologue as a live act. The movement radius for the stage actor in our performance is extremely small, there are no classical stage effects. Also, the "actor" has to perform and navigate at the same time. It will be great.

Who wants to be there?

At a time when physical gatherings have often become difficult to impossible, art performance in a browser-based VR web interaction space becomes a unique way to connect with others and share a cultural experience.

Ruth Bamberg Media Artist