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Showroom Ragolds

B2B presentation for ISM trade fair event

Virtually staged product innovations
in the confectionery industry

Between new product presentation and personal conversation

As a complement to the International Confectionery Fair, Ragolds' B2B showroom was created during the pandemic. The virtual rooms were designed so that they can be expanded or redesigned again and again. This means high flexibility also for future sales situations.

  • Product packaging was transferred to a 3D library
  • Product staging: an important differentiator
  • Highlighting of product innovations through 3D animations
  • Brand worlds and themed specials - there is plenty of room

Distribution without traveling

Every year, the confectionery fair presents the product range of Ragolds GmbH. This time it did not take place, the pandemic prevented it. So the presentation of the entire product range and its innovations took place virtually. However, this time there was no spatial limitation due to expensive booth rent. A new scenery could be created for each product. This is a completely new option for international sales meetings - even after the pandemic. It was important for our implementation that the business partners could still look each other in the face during the talks in the 3D environment.

The way to the 3D world

The product packaging was recreated in 3D based on the production data. The conversion into interactive or animated 3D twins of the products is worthwhile. Innovations usually take place in packaging design, ingredients or taste. So the 3D models can be relied on for further exhibition concepts in VR in the future. The typical packaging shapes remain. They are established through marketing and help to differentiate from competitors.

The right product presentation is important for both ragolds and retailers. How are the products presented on site, how do they become visible? In which containers are they delivered? In the virtual world, this information can be wonderfully presented and directly discussed. The visual imagination of buyers is relevant for their purchase decision. The volumetric representation of abstract purchase quantities helps a lot.

Staging counts

There is a special opportunity in the strong staging of product worlds. New product features were presented with visual and acoustic support - storytelling counts here, too. Theme worlds such as the vegan product line were also given their space.

Sales conversations need faces, not avatars. The platform has been a fantastic way for us to continue to talk to our international customers. Realistic product visualization is essential for sales conversations.

Jörg Viader Managing Director Ragolds GmbH

Why is tuijo right?

Creating a product library with 3D models of one's own products works well when typical packaging shapes exist that are only varied by the artwork. Then new products can be transferred quickly.

The importance of attention-grabbing product staging is playing an ever greater role. Especially when product benefits are to be communicated in a memorable way. There are endless possibilities in the interactive and the three-dimensional. This makes it extremely exciting for communicators who are looking for new ways to appear in the big social media wave. At the same time, it also makes it more costly for story designers.