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tuijo at the re:publica 2023

Between 05.07. and 07.06. this year's re:publica took place in Berlin. Also tuijo was there. At the booth of dialog city of the city of Aschaffenburg we presented our partner projects Dialog Romantik and ZeitRaum Brentano to the audience.

Marlon Brand

Marlon Brand

tuijo enthusiast



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Making knowledge tangible: a topic for everyone

In conversation with the visitors, one thing in particular became clear: the low inhibition threshold for immersing oneself in the world of romance and the Brentanos is one of the arguments in favor of tuijo - after all, only a computer or tablet with internet access is needed and no expensive VR headset. In direct exchanges, our interviewees confirmed what we had already suspected: Projects like "Dialog Romantik", which was designed for school classes, have a target audience beyond the classroom. The reason can be found in the idea behind the project. Knowledge should become tangible!

digital literacy with tuijo

How knowledge transfer must be designed in the future was one of the topics at re:publica. Because in order to ensure the digital literacy of young people, new paths must be taken. This means that frontal teaching is a thing of the past and learners must instead be offered an environment in which they can solve problems independently and in which content is presented beyond PowerPoint presentations. This discussion and its arguments have strengthened us in what we are already doing - and also in what is planned for the development of tuijo. With the integration of a wide variety of learning formats, the topic of eLearning is of great importance in both projects - Dialog Romantik and ZeitRaum Brentano. In addition, tuijo has been developed from the outset in such a way that other eLearning tools can be integrated via interfaces.


A space for meetings and interaction

Of course, VR was also a big topic at re:publica, both in the projects presented there and in the conversations we had with visitors. Compared to existing projects - be it exhibitions or performances in a VR environment - tuijo projects were the only ones that created a meeting space for their visitors. Only here is it possible to visit an exhibition or a performance together and to directly exchange experiences.

We look forward to continuing and deepening the conversations, developing tuijo further, and perhaps presenting the results again next year at re:publica.